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In the past five years, I've lived all across the U.S. and have finally stopped to call Las Vegas home.


I love the heat and everchanging landscape of the desert, the life and commotion of the strip, and how central we are to so many gorgeous natural places. I spend most of my time outdoors with my dog or rock climbing at Red Rock Canyon. I love that photographing products in these unique outdoor locations has given me the chance to continue exploring every chance I get!

The moment I realize I love the grit and the work of outdoor adventure photography was when I had the opportunity to photograph the UCI Mountain Biking World Cup in Cairns, Australia in 2014. After six hours of slipping and sliding down a mountainous rainforest in the middle of a rainstorm, I knew I loved it. The only parts of me not scraped up and covered in mud were my hands and my camera and I felt absolutely alive.


In the past five years, my adventures have lead me to...


*Live in five different states and three countries

*Travel across the entire U.S. several times

*Explore gorgeous places like Yellowstone, the remote coast of El Salvador, countless state & national parks, the southwest U.S., and northeastern Australia

*Scuba dive dozens of times, skydive in Mesquite, hike hundreds of miles, and camp in some unbelievable places


Megan Bethge 
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